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What is GAMuT?

GAMuT [Graduate Association of Musicologists und Theorists] is a graduate student organization dedicated to providing a forum for the presentation of original research by its members. In addition, GAMuT provides professional development opportunities, offers a forum for discussion of matters relevant to the academic lives of its members, and serves as an organized liaison between students and faculty in the Division of Music History, Theory, and Ethnomusicology. Each year, GAMuT publishes a journal, Harmonia, that features papers written by graduate students and hosts a graduate student conference. 

What is the origin of the name?

Γ-Ut = Gamma ut = Gammut = {Gamut} → GAMuT

Gammut in 1707 Glossographia Anglicana by Thomas Blount (lexicographer):

gamut glossographia clean
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The Graduate Association of Musicologists und Theorists (GAMuT) and the College of Music at the University of North Texas are pleased to announce our 10th annual graduate student conference to be held Saturday, February 4, 2023 in person for the first time since the pandemic. We are excited to welcome Professor Adriana Helbig (University of Pittsburgh) as our keynote speaker. Her talk is entitled: “Putin, Go $@!% Yourself!”: Musical Humor In Times of War. Please note that registration is free and on the day of the event. Please show up to the Senate Chambers in room 322 in the Student Union building to register for and attend the conference. Map of the student union. 

Please email all inquiries to conference co-chair Jacob Collins at

For more information on the conference, please select one of the links below. 

Call for Papers 

Keynote Address 




Community Guidelines

Map to the University of North Texas

Area Hotels and Restaurants

Local Music Events


2022- 2023 Calendar (some events are tentative and may be subject to change)

Fall Semester


-9: Officer Meeting

-16: Business Meeting and Social



-7: Officer Meeting

-14: Business Meeting



-4: Officer Meeting

-10–13: AMS/SMT/SEM Conference in New Orleans

-18: Business Meeting


Spring Semester


-20: Officer Meeting

-27: Business Meeting



-4: GAMuT Graduate Student Conference

-17: Officer Meeting

-24: Business Meeting



-17: Officer Meeting

-24: Business Meeting



-14: Officer Meeting

-21: Business Meeting/Mockference

-28: Transition meeting



-5: Cookout/Social


Membership in GAMuT shall be open to those individuals with graduate standing at the University of North Texas College of Music and an active interest in the disciplines of Musicology, Ethnomusicology, and/or Music Theory. Upper-level undergraduate students in Musicology and/or Music Theory may be allowed to participate at the invitation of a graduate member. In addition, all members are encouraged to participate on the committee level.


How can I become a member?

Please contact Chandler Hall to join GAMuT or renew your GAMuT Membership. 

Masters and PhD students (full year): $20

Masters and PhD students (semester): $10

Undergraduates and PhD Candidates (ABD) (full year): $10




Officers 2022-2023

GAMuT Executive Committee:
Chandler Hall, President; Jacob Collins, Vice-President; Erika Soveranes, Secretary; (Vacant), Treasurer

Works Committee:
Hunter Hancock, Program Coordinator; Lucy Lu, Webmaster/Historian; Júlia Coelho, Journal Editor

Representative Board:
Lucy Lu, Musicology Rep.; Erika Soveranes, Ethnomusicology Rep.; Dorian Stewart, Theory Rep.; Lydia Zhao, International Student Rep.

Incoming Student Representative:
Nayeli Sanchez

Contact Information
President | Chandler Hall

Vice-President | Jacob Collins

Secretary |  Erika Soveranes

Treasurer | (Vacant)

Program Coordinator | Hunter Hancock

Webmaster/Historian | Lucy Lu

Journal Editor of Harmonia | Júlia Coelho

Ethnomusicology Representative | Erika Soveranes

Musicology Representative | Lucy Lu

Theory Representative | Dorian Stewart

International Student Representative | Lydia Zhao

Incoming Student Representative | Nayeli Sanchez


harmonia cover


Harmonia is the in-house journal of the Graduate Association of Musicologists und Theorists (GAMuT) at the University of North Texas. The objective of GAMuT is to provide a forum for the professional development of the graduate student community, and the annual publication of Harmonia functions in support of this goal.

Previous editions of Harmonia are available via the link below:

Harmonia 8

Harmonia 9

Harmonia 10

Harmonia Special Issue: Leoš Janáček: Life, Work, and Contribution

Harmonia 11

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Harmonia 13

Harmonia 14

Harmonia 15 

Harmonia Special Issue: Conference Proceedings of the 2015 UNT International Czech Music Festival

Harmonia 16

Harmonia 17

Harmonia 18

Harmonia 19

Harmonia 20

For previous issues, please visit the the UNT Music Library.

Constitution and Bylaws

Click here for GAMuT's Constitution and Bylaws (revised Spring 2022).

Social Media

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