Minor in Music Theory

The Minor in Music Theory is designed for undergraduate music majors who are interested in the theoretical and analytical bases of music. It provides them with a solid and well-rounded foundation in understanding, analyzing and comparing the melodic, harmonic and formal structures of the styles of Western music and prepares them for advanced study in music theory at the master’s and doctoral level.


Undergraduates with the following majors may pursue a Minor in Music Theory:
Composition, BM
General, Choral and Instrumental Music (teacher certification), BM
Jazz Studies (instrumental, arranging or vocal emphasis), BM
Music, BA
Performance (specialization: Harpsichord), BM
Performance (specialization: Orchestral Instruments - Multiple Woodwinds), BM
Performance (specialization: Orchestral Instruments), BM
Performance (specialization: Organ), BM
Performance (specialization: Organ, Church Music Emphasis), BM
Performance (specialization: Piano Pedagogy), BM
Performance (specialization: Piano), BM
Performance (specialization: Voice), BM


  1. A successful application not to be submitted before the completion of MUTH 2400. Interested students should contact the area coordinator in music theory for more information.
  2. 18 hours:
MUTH 3510 - Form Analysis
MUTH 3410 - Sixteenth-Century Counterpoint
MUTH 3420 - Eighteenth-Century Counterpoint
MUTH 4370 - Schenkerian Analysis 
MUTH 4520 - Twentieth-Century Techniques
MUTH 4920 - Advanced Colloquium in Music Theory