Related Field in Ethnomusicology

Entrance Requirements
Doctoral and master students wishing to select ethnomusicology as a related field must submit a formal application. Applications will be reviewed during long semesters only and will consist of three items:

* a cover letter including contact information

* a paper that demonstrates graduate-level writing competency

* a personal statement (300-500 words) addressing the student’s ethnomusicological interests and goals

These materials must be sent to the coordinator of ethnomusicology, Dr. Steven Friedson via email attachment ( Area faculty will then evaluate the application and issue a formal decision of acceptance or rejection. A student has not been admitted to the related field program until this decision is officially communicated to him or her.

Students interested in the related field in ethnomusicology must identify a Related Field Advisor prior to embarking on a program of study. Students should see either Drs. Friedson, Ragland, or Virani.

Master's level related field: Generally, 9 credit hours are required. Courses must be approved by the related field advisor.  

Ph.D./DMA Levels: Four, 3-credit classes are required: MUET 5220 and MUET 5030. The other 6 hours should be determined in consultation with the student's related field advisor.