Alumni Placement



Robert Anderson (PhD, Musicology, 2022): Adjunct Professor of Music History, University of North Texas

Matt Bilik (PhD, Music Theory, 2022): Assistant Professor, Anderson University

Amy Hatch (PhD, Music Theory, 2022): Assistant Professor of Instruction, University of Texas, Arlington

Bryan Stevens Espinosa (PhD, Music Theory, 2022): Visiting Assistant Professor, Indiana University

Jeremy Nowak (PhD, Music Theory, 2022):  Visiting Assistant Professor, Palm Beach Atlantic University

Jessica Stearns (PhD, Musicology, 2022): Ad Interim Instructor of Music, Texas A&M University, Commerce

Joseph Turner (PhD, Music Theory, 2021): Lecturer, University of Texas at Arlington

Patrick Sallings (PhD, Music Theory, 2021): Instructor, Arkansas Arts Academy

Lerie Dellosa (MA, Music Theory, 2021): Adjunct Instructor, Texas Woman's University



David Huff (PhD, Music Theory, 2020): Sound Preservationist, University of North Texas Libraries

Kinley Johnson (MA, Musicology, 2020): PhD Student, Duke University

Andrew Vagts (PhD, Music Theory, 2020): Lecturer, Baylor University

José R. Torres-Ramos (PhD, Ethnomusicology, 2020): Visiting Assistant Professor of Arts, Humanities, and Culture

Blaine Brubaker (MA, Musicology, 2019; MS, Library Science, 2020): Music Access Services Manager, University of North Texas Libraries

Jason Patterson (PhD, Music Theory, 2019): Adjunct Faculty, Collin College

David Falterman (MA, Music Theory, 2019): PhD Student, Eastman School of Music, University of Rochester

Thanmayee Holalkere Krishnamurthy (MA Ethnomusicology, 2019): South Indian Karnatic Musician

Tish Davenport (PhD, Music Theory, 2018): Music Minister, Searcy First United Methodist Church, Searcy, AR

Jayson Smith (PhD, Music Theory, 2018): Lecturer in Music Theory and Music History, Texas A&M University – Kingsville

Jenny Oliver (MA, Theory, 2018): Administrative Coordinator and Box Office Manager, Wichita Falls Symphony Orchestra

Sean Peters (MA, Ethnomusicology, 2018): PhD Student, Cornell University

Andrea Recek (PhD, Musicology, 2018): Program Coordinator, Albany Public Schools Foundation (Albany, OR)

Sara Bowden (BM, Music Theory, 2018): PhD Student, Northwestern University

Austin Simonds (BM, Music Theory, 2018): MA Student, University of Chicago

Michele Newman (BM, Music Theory, 2017): Instructional Design Assistant, University of Denver

Clare Carrasco (PhD, Musicology, 2016): Honors Faculty Fellow, Arizona State University

Benjamin Graf (PhD, Music Theory, 2016): Senior Lecturer in Music Theory, University of North Texas

Jonathan Sauceda (PhD, Musicology, 2016): Associate Dean and Head of the Sibley Music Library, Eastman School of Music

Colin Davis (PhD, Music Theory, 2015): Adjunct Professor, Sam Houston State University

Benjamin Dobbs (PhD, Music Theory, 2015): Assistant Professor of Music Theory, Furman University

Jeff Ensign (PhD, Music Theory, 2015): Production Analyst, Music Reports, Inc)

Kimary Fick (PhD, Musicology, 2015): Lecturer in Music History, Oregon State University

Reiner Kramer (PhD, Music Theory, 2015): Associate Professor of Music Theory, University of Northern Colorado

Mike Rogers (PhD, Music Theory, 2015): Assistant Professor of Music, Coordinator of Music Theory, and Director of Jazz Studies, Abilene Christian University

Karel (Kaja) Lill (MA, Music Theory, 2015): PhD Student, University of Michigan

Raychel Taylor (BM, Music Theory, 2015): Founder, Girls March

Alexander Amato (PhD, Music Theory, 2014): Assistant Professor of Music Theory, Stephen F. Austin State University

Jennifer Weaver (PhD, Music Theory, 2014): Professor of Music, Dallas Baptist University

Rachel Herbaugh (MA, Music Theory, 2014): Cataloging Librarian, University of Arkansas

Molly Covington (BM, Music Theory, 2014): PhD Student in Musicology, Indiana University

Irán Román (BM, Music Theory, 2014): Postdoctoral Scholar, New York University

Katy Kinard (MM, Music Theory, 2013): Adjunct Instructor of Music Theory, Oklahoma City University

Ryan Taycher (BM, Composition, 2010; MA, Music Theory, 2013): PhD Student, Indiana University; Lecturer, UMass Amherst

Kristin Wolski (MM, Musicology, 2013): Coordinator of Music Acquisitions, University Libraries, University of North Texas

Mark Breckenridge (PhD, Musicology, 2012): Instructor of Trombone, Brass Methods, and Music History, St. Cloud State University

Arathi Govind (MM, Ethnomusicology, 2012): PhD Student, University of California, Berkeley

Myranda Harris (MM, Ethnomusicology, 2012): Program Director, Artly World Nonprofit

Cara Stroud (MM, Music Theory, 2012; PhD, Music Theory, Florida State University): Assistant Professor of Music Theory, Michigan State University

Mary Heiden (PhD, Musicology, 2011): Chair of Music and Dance, Kilgore College

Carl Vermilyea (MM, Ethnomusicology, 2011): PhD Student, Florida State University



Michael Lively (PhD, Music Theory, 2010): Lecturer in Music Theory, Southern Methodist University

Allison Block (MM, Music Theory, 2010): Adjunct Faculty, Collin College

Carlos Gaviria (MM, Music Theory, 2010): DMA Student, University of Houston; Adjunct Faculty in Bass Performance, Stephen F. Austin University

Colleen Conlon (PhD, Music Theory, 2009): Senior Graduate Academic Advisor, University of North Texas

William McGinney (PhD, Musicology, 2009): Adjunct Professor of Music History, University of North Texas

Jonathan Brooks (PhD, Music Theory, 2008): Associate Professor of Music, Anderson University

Aaron West (PhD, Musicology, 2008): Music Faculty, Collin College

Rebecca Ringer Estridge (PhD, Musicology, 2007): Music Director and Development Associate, Hope Farm

Katie Buehner (MM, Musicology, 2007): Head, Rita Benton Music Library, University of Iowa

Heeseung Lee (PhD, Musicology, 2006): Adjunct Professor of Music History and Music Theory, University of Northern Colorado

Kimberly Harris (PhD, Musicology, 2005): Music Faculty, Collin College

Earnest Lamb (PhD, Musicology, 2005): Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, SUNY Purchase

Kevin Salfen (PhD, Musicology, 2005): Professor of Music History; Assistant Dean, College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences, University of the Incarnate Word

Hector Sequera (MM, Musicology, 2005; PhD, University of Birmingham): Lecturer in Performance, Durham University

Kyung-Young Chung (PhD, Musicology, 2004): Professor of Music, Hanyang University

Hidetoshi Fukuchi (PhD, Music Theory, 2004): Adjunct Faculty, Collin College

R. Todd Rober (PhD, Musicology, 2003): Associate Professor of Music, Kutztown University of Pennsylvania

Gregory Straughn (PhD, Musicology, 2003): Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, Abilene Christian University

John Dunn (MM, Musicology, 2002; PhD, Louisiana State University): Associate Professor of Fine Arts, Northwestern State University of Louisiana

Andrea Shaheen Espinosa (BM, Music Theory, 2002): Associate Professor of Ethnomusicology, Arizona State University

Cheryl Denise Bocanegra (PhD, Music Theory, 2001): Adjunct Instructor of Music Theory, University of Central Oklahoma

Susannah Cleveland (MM, Musicology, 2001): Head, Music Library, University of North Texas



Brett Boutwell (MM, Musicology, 1999; PhD, University of Illinois): Associate Professor of Musicology and William F. Swor Alumni Professor, Louisiana State University

Alejandro Madrid (MM, Musicology, 1999; PhD, Ohio State University): Professor of Musicology and Ethnomusicology, Cornell University

Allison Ann Alcorn (PhD, Musicology, 1997): Professor of Music History, Illinois State University

Donna Dupuy (MM, Music Theory, 1997): Program Coordinator, The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award

Jeremy Leong (MM, Musicology, 1997; PhD, Historical Musicology): Assistant Professor of Musicology, UCSI University

David Hamrick (PhD, Musicology, 1996): Cataloging Librarian, Texas Christian University

Matt Stock (MM, Musicology, 1996; DMA, University of Oklahoma): Fine & Applied Arts Librarian, University of Oklahoma

Andrew Anderson (PhD, Music Theory, 1995): Fine Arts Librarian, Dallas Public Library; Contributing Music Writer, Theater Jones

Timothy Hughes (MM, Music Theory, 1995; PhD, University of Washington): Senior Lecturer, London College of Music

James McGowan (MM, Music Theory, 1995; PhD, Eastman): Faculty, Carleton University

Tracey Schmidt (BM, Music Theory, 1995): Associate Professor of Flute and Theory, Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania

Vicki Stroeher (PhD, Musicology, 1994): Professor of Music History, Marshall University

James Parsons (PhD, Musicology, 1992): Professor of Music, Missouri State University

Christine Getz (PhD, Musicology, 1991): Professor of Musicology, Associate Dean for Graduate Education, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, University of Iowa

Joe L. Alexander (MM, Music Theory, 1991; DMA, University of North Texas): Associate Professor of Music, Mississippi University for Women

Michael McVay (MM, Music Theory, 1991): Clinical Assistant Professor, UT Dallas



Cynthia Gonzales (MM, Music Theory, 1990; PhD, Harvard University): Professor of Music, Texas State University

Jan McDaniel (MM, Musicology, 1990): Professor of Music, Oklahoma City University

Mark Spicer (BM, Music Theory, 1987; MM, Music Theory, 1990; PhD, Yale University): Hunter College and CUNY Graduate Center

Ernest Kramer (PhD, Music Theory, 1989): Professor of Music, Northwest Missouri State University

Jo Renee McCachren (PhD, Music Theory, 1989): Professor of Music, Catawba College

Timothy McKinney (PhD, Music Theory, 1989): Professor of Music Theory, Baylor University

Russell E. Murray Jr. (PhD, Musicology, 1989): Professor of Music History and Literature, University of Delaware

Stuart Cheney (MM, Musicology, 1989; PhD, University of Maryland): Associate Professor of Musicology, Texas Christian University

Terri Teal (MM, Musicology, 1989; PhD, University of Kansas): Voice and Choirs Professor, Johnson County Community College

Mark Parker (PhD, Music Theory, 1988): Professor of Music, Bob Jones University (Retired)

Carlos Flores (PhD, Music Theory, 1986): Professor Emeritus, Andrews University

Susan Treacy (PhD, Musicology, 1986): Professor of Music, Ave Maria University

David Frackenpohl (MM, Music Theory, 1986): Instructor of Jazz Studies, Georgia State University

John Murphy (MM, Music Theory, 1986; PhD, Columbia University): Chair of the Division of Jazz Studies and Professor of Jazz History, University of North Texas

Jairo Moreno (BM, Music Theory, 1986; PhD, Yale University): Associate Professor of Music Theory, University of Pennsylvania

James Siddons (PhD, Musicology, 1983): Professor of Music, Liberty University

Jane Clendinning (MM, Music Theory, 1983; PhD, Yale University): Professor of Music Theory, Florida State University

Terry Fansler (PhD, Musicology, 1982): Associate Professor of Music and Director of Studies in Music Business, Dallas Baptist University

Bill Smialek (PhD, Musicology, 1981): Director of Development, East Texas Youth Orchestra

Carolyn Finley (MM, Music Theory, 1981; DMA, University of Minnesota): Professor of Music, Saint John’s University


Prior to 1980

Dyke Kiel (PhD, Musicology, 1979): Professor Emeritus, Cottey College

Nancy Lefter (MM, Musicology, 1978): Director of Choral Activities, The Citadel

Douglas Walter (BM, Music Theory, 1976; DMA, Temple University): Professor of Percussion and Jazz, University of Colorado Boulder

Gene Vollen (PhD, Musicology, 1970): Professor Emeritus, Pittsburg State University

Mary Parrish (MM, Music Theory, 1964): Professor Emerita, Oklahoma Baptist University

Morgan Powell (MM, Musicology, 1961): Professor Emeritus, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign