Graduate Admissions and Financial Aid

The Division of Music History, Theory, and Ethnomusicology will begin accepting applications for the following programs on September 1, 2022:

  • MA in Music with Concentrations in Music History, Music Theory, and Ethnomusicology
  • PhD in Music with Concentrations in Music History, Music Theory, and Ethnomusicology

Preference will be given to applications received by Monday, December 5, 2022. Following an initial review, select applicants will be invited for on-campus interviews, which will take place on or around Friday, February 3, 2023. We encourage these applicants to attend the Graduate Student Conference sponsored by GAMuT on Saturday, February 4, 2023. Consult the UNT College of Music Admissions Website for more information about application procedures and admissions requirements. The Graduate Handbook and Degree Plans outline degree requirements while our Course Listings and Graduate Seminars provide more information about the curriculum. Finally, a list of distinguished alumni illustrates our success in placing graduates of our programs.

Financial Support

Assistantships and Fellowships

Many graduate students in the Division of Music History, Theory, and Ethnomusicology hold a teaching assistantship (TA) or teaching fellowship (TF). These are typically half-time appointments (20 hours/week) and carry a stipend and, in most cases, a tuition supplement. Teaching assistants support the instruction of large undergraduate courses by running labs, delivering lectures, and grading. Teaching fellows serve as the instructor of record for undergraduate courses. For more information, consult the Toulouse Graduate School Website.

Internal Scholarships and Grants

Some graduate students in the Division of Music History, Theory, and Ethnomusicology hold competitive scholarships from the College of Music and/or the Toulouse Graduate School. For information on scholarships offered through the Graduate School, click here. Any competitive scholarship of $1,000 or more per academic year guarantees in-state tuition rates for the term of the award. Finally, the Division, College, and University offer funding to offset travel costs for presentations at professional conferences. For more information, click here.

External Grants and Fellowships

Many of our students have competed successfully for financial support from national and international organizations, including, in recent years, the Fulbright Program, the Presser Foundation, the American Musicological Society, and the German Academic Exchange (DAAD).