Master's 2-Paper Option

As an alternative option to the thesis requirement in Music Theory, graduate students may write two research essays. One of these essays must be a revised and extended research paper generated in a 5000 or 6000 level class in Music Theory at the College of Music. The professor of that class must serve as either the major or minor professor. The other paper may be from a graduate class or may be an independent project. The masters advisory committee, comprised of three professors, grades both essays and once both are passed, administers an oral exam. The paper option is administered by the Music Theory area. A copy of the “Masters 2-Paper Option” progress sheet should be completed with copies given to the Graduate Studies Administrative Assistant for the student’s file and to the Chair of the division. Student petitions to take this option will be reviewed by the Theory area on a case by case basis.


2 Paper in Lieu of Thesis Proposal Form