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Related Field in Ethnomusicology

Students interested in the related field in ethnomusicology must identify a Related Field Advisor prior to embarking on a program of study. Students should see either Drs. Friedson, or Ragland.

Master's level related field: Generally, 9 credit hours are required.

Ph.D./DMA Levels: Four, 3-credit classes are required: MUET 5020 and MUET 5030. The other 6 hours should be determined in consultation with the student's related field advisor.

Related Field Exam
(3 Hours) The related field professor, in consultation with the other ethnomusicology graduate faculty with whom the student has taken courses, will formulate an exam that will require students to write three essays. The essays should be focused, well organized, and clearly written. Each of the essays should evaluate scholarship relevant to the topic, articulate the candidate's own views on the issues involved, and demonstrate a thorough understanding of the discipline of ethnomusicology. Each professor will submit one question for each course taken by the student to the related field advisor who will compile the questions and administer the three hour related field exam. Listening examples may be included.