What is SSENT?

The Student Society for Ethnomusicology at North Texas is open to all UNT graduate and junior/senior undergraduate students. The purpose of SSENT is to promote a diversified understanding of music making in world cultures through education, service, and performance. Every academic year, the organization hosts a "Hear the World" concert, which is organized entirely by its student members with the assistance of SSENT's faculty advisor, Professor Steven Friedson. Other activities include student-led cultural events, information/research panels to explore the discipline of ethnomusicology and support student research, and promoting performances of UNT world music ensembles.


Upcoming SSENT Meetings:

SPRING 2020:
January 24, 2:00pm. Location: MU 293
February 21, 2:00pm. Location: MU 293
March 27, 2:00pm. Location: 293
April 17, 2:00pm. Location: 293

* Meetings are open to all UNT students interested in ethnomusicology.

Concerts of Interest:
March 20: Music of Kashmir: Qaisar Nizami and Friends
March 28: UNT Afro-Cuban, Brazilian, and Latin Jazz ensembles
April 1: Hear the World
April 9: Global Rhythms Concert (UNT Balinese Gamelan, South Indian Cross-Cultural ensemble, Steel Band)
April 11: African Cultural Festival
April 24: UNT Chinese Ensemble


If you are interested in joining SSENT, please email your contact information, including your name and year/major, to the organization through OrgSync.

Officers 2019–2020

President | Stacey Key

Vice President | Dani Van Oort

Secretary | Salvador Hernandez

Treasurer | Myles McLean

Program Coordinator | Yang Chen

Webmaster | Miguel Espinel

Hear the World Concert

Coming soon!

Constitution and Bylaws

Click here for the SSENT Constitution and Bylaws (revised Spring 2019).