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Yuxin Mei

Presser Award

Ethnomusicology PhD student Yuxin Mei has been awarded the Presser Graduate Music Award at UNT for 2018. Yuxin’s scholarly interests involve Chinese music in ensemble settings and the development of instructional materials for Western university faculty that offer techniques and materials for teaching, designing and arranging Chinese music and as well as maximizing rehearsal efficiency for Chinese ensembles.  Her Presser funded project consists of an eight-week itinerary of intensive study and training in Chinese ensemble music with professors from the renowned China Conservatory (Beijing), Xinghai Conservatory (Guangzhou), and Teochew Music Ensemble (Chaozhou) in China during July 2nd to August 27th in 2018.

Sixteen graduate schools of music at accredited colleges, universities and independent institutions of higher education have been invited to present the Presser Graduate Music Award annually with its $10,000 scholarship to an outstanding graduate music student whom they select. The program is designed to encourage and support, in a special way, the advanced education and career of truly exceptional graduate music students who have the potential to make a distinguished contribution to the field of music. The Presser Foundation operates under the will and Deeds of Trust created by its founder, Theodore Presser.  It is one of the few foundations in the United States dedicated solely to the support of music and music education.