Texas Society for Music Theory Conference

Paper Presentations

Faculty and graduate students presented at the TSMT (Texas Society for Music Theory) Conference on Feb 22-23 at Texas State Unversity in San Marcos.  

Benjamin Graf presented "Motivic Border-Crossing: Continuity Through Formal Divisions"

David Heetderks presented: "Fractured Tonal Narratives in Early R.E.M."

Stephen Slottow presented: "North American Adaptations of Zen Chanting: Four Strategies"

Brian Anderson presented “Gratuitous Repetition and Formal Function in Scarlatti’s Sonatas”

Bryan Stevens presented “Theorizing Sonata Form from the Margins: The Spanish Keyboard Sonata from 1744 to c. 1790”

Levi Walls presented “Composing out Notre-dame: How Louise Bertin Musically Represents the Hugolian Themes of Fate and Decay in La Esmeralda”