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Graduate Students

COLIN DAVIS is a Doctoral student in music theory at the University of North Texas. He holds a B.M. in music theory and a piano performance certificate from the University of Texas at Austin and an M.M. in theory from UNT. He is currently teaching at Sam Houston State University and is serving as the editor of the Journal of Schenkerian Studies.

BENJAMIN GRAF is a Doctoral candidate in Music Theory at the University of North Texas where he is the recipient of a Teaching Fellowship in the College of Music. He has been awarded the Robert W. Ottman Graduate Music Theory Scholarship and the Ethelston and Lamarr Chapman Graduate Music Theory Scholarship. In addition, he was chosen by the MHTE Division as the Outstanding Graduate Student in Music Theory for 2010-2011 and the Outstanding Doctoral Student in Music Theory for 2011-2012. Benjamin came to the University of North Texas on a trumpet performance scholarship to study privately with Keith Johnson, earning his Master of Music degree in 2010. As an undergraduate, he was the Presidential Scholar for the College of Fine Arts at Towson University, where he graduated summa cum laude with a Bachelor of Science in Music Education in 2008. Benjamin recently presented his paper entitled “Beethoven’s Transcendent Voice-Leading” at the 15th Annual DNS International Conference on 18th Century Studies in Sydney, Australia and his paper "Before the Heroic E-flat" at the 32nd annual Florida State Music Theory Forum.  He will present his paper “Pardon the Interruption” at this year’s Indiana University Music Research Symposium.  His article Beethoven Op. 7, II and the Sublime was published in Harmonia (vol. 10) and his current research interests include formal/tonal paradoxes in Beethoven, periodization and evolution of Beethoven’s oeuvre, and the musical evocation of late 18th century philosophical concepts such as transcendence and the sublime.

DAVID HUFF is currently pursuing a master's degree in music theory at the University of North Texas. In addition to his coursework, he works as a supervisor in the UNT music library and a teaching assistant in the department of Theory, History & Ethnomusicology. David teaches freshman music theory courses and has recently worked as a graduate research assistant to Dr. Stephen Slottow on a project related to the development of Schenkerian analysis in the United States. An avid performer of experimental popular music, his interests include Schenkerian analysis, post-tonal theory, and the history of music theory.

HEEJUNG KANG was born in Seoul, Korea, and studied at the Seoul Music and Art High School for musically gifted teenagers. She graduated with the highest honors from the College of Music, Ewha Woman's University in Seoul and later at the same university she earned her Master's Degree in Piano, receiving the Ewha Graduate Research Fellowship Scholarship. Currently a Doctoral Candidate in Piano at the University of North Texas, she studies piano with Dr. Pamela M. Paul. In 2002, She has made a recording of Rediscovered Lieder and Piano Pieces by Kletzki, Oppel, and Schenker, sponsored by Dallas Symphony Orchestra, Jewish Federation, and College of Music at UNT. In addition, she has studied Schenkerian Analysis with Dr. Timothy L. Jackson and Dr. Stephen Slottow, as well as privately with Carl Schachter, Distinguished Professor, the Graduate Center, City University of New York and the Mannes College of Music. Ms. Kang is currently preparing a recording of Reinhard Oppel's piano music with the Toccata Record Label in England and completing her doctoral dissertation on Rachmaninoff.

JONG KYUN KIM comes from South Korea, where he completed work on a bachelor's degree in music composition at KyngHee University in Seoul in 1997.Additionally, he received his master's degree in music theory/musicology at KyungHee University in 2001, with the thesis:"A Study on the Signs of Meaning and its Application for Semiotics in Music."As a graduate music theory student at the University of North Texas, Mr. Kim has distinguished himself with his interests in applications of Schenkerian theory to contemporary music, as well as semiotics and meaning in music.His main mentors at UNT include Dr. Timothy Jackson and Dr. Davis Schwarz.In Korea, Jon Kyn served as a memeber of Republic of Korea Navy Symphony Band and as a member of the Seoul Baroque Choir.

RENÉ PÉREZ TORRES is pursuing a Ph.D. in Music Theory at the University of North Texas where he also serves as a Teaching Fellow. He earned his Bachelor’s degree in Electronics Engineering from the Veracruz Institute of Technology (Mexico) and his Master’s of Music from UNT with his thesis Bach’s Mass In B Minor: An Analytical Study Of Parody Movements And Their Function In The Large-Scale Architectural Design Of The Mass. A keyboard specialist and a pianist by training, his interest in basso continuo has led him to the study of harpsichord and baroque performance practice. In music theory his main mentors include Timothy Jackson, Stephen Slottow and Graham Phipps; and Lenora McCroskey and Brad Benight in harpsichord. He is the 2002 winner of the first prize in arranging for the national music competition “La música mexicana en la intimidad de la música de cámara” in Mexico, and has received several national awards for his choral and instrumental arrangements in Mexico as well. In addition he was awarded as the Undergraduate Outstanding Student in Music Theory in 2002 and 2003 at UNT and is recipient of the Robert Ottman scholarship for the academic year 2006-2007.

CHIA-YING (CHARLES) WU was a graduate student in the Master of Music program in Music Theory at the University of North Texas from August, 2006 to May, 2009. He has been a doctoral student in Music Theory at the University of North Texas since August, 2009. He was the circulation manager of the Journal of Schenkerian Studies, webmaster of Saul Novack Electronic ArchiveAllen Forte Electronic ArchiveHans Weisse Electronic ArchiveEdward Laufer Electronic Archive, and Reinhard Oppel Memorial Archive from August, 2007 to May 12, 2012.