Score #1. Ave maris stella (chant)
1. The declamation of this chant is best described as
a. strictly syllabic
b. strictly melismatic
c. a mixture of syllabic and melismatic
2. This chant is in Mode __.
a. 1
b. 5
c. 8
Score #2. Missa Ave maris stella
3. The opening of this mass movement features
a. homophony
b. imitation
c. monophony
4. The chant appears in
a. the superius
b. the tenor
c. all four voices
5. The treatment of the chant in the mass is best described as
a. strict
b. paraphrase
c. augmentation
6. This is a _____ mass.
a. cantus firmus
b. paraphrase
c. imitation
7. The most likely composer is
a. Josquin
b. Gabrielli
c. Du Fay