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AMS/SMT Conference

Faculty Recognition

At the AMS/SMT conference in Vancouver Justin Lavacek received the Emerson Award for Outstanding Scholarly Work on Mozart in 2016, from the Mozart Society of America.  His article "Mozart's Harmonic Design in the Secco Recitatives" was published in Theoria 22 (2015).

In addition, David Bard-Schwarz and Timothy Jackson were also recognized. David Lewin’s Morgengruß, co-edited by David Bard-Schwarz and Richard Cohn, received a Citation of Special Merit from the Society of Music Theory. The book From Bach to Brahms, to which Timothy Jackson contributed a chapter, won the Outstanding Multi-Authored Collection Award from the Society for Music Theory.

Also at SMT Vancouver, Ellen Bakulina presented her paper Non-monotonality and Proto-Harmony in Rachmaninoff. Frank Heidlberger presented “What is the History of Music Theory?” – Dahlhaus’s Essay and its Relevance for the Current Understanding of the Discipline, as part of the paper session Carl Dahlhaus on the History of Music Theory. Approaches to a discipline in between Music Theory and Music History. Heidlberger also organized and chaired this session.