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8:30                 Registration


9:00                 Opening remarks


9:15                 Nineteenth Century Vocal Music


“Fanny Hensel as Cultural Activist: A Closer Look at the Choleramusik

Joanna Reeder (University of Houston)


“A Musico-Poetic Analysis of La Lune Blanche by Gabriel Fauré”

Joe Noëlliste (Baylor University)


10:15               Perception and Process in Musical Form


“An Enactive Approach to the Perception of Musical Expression in Form Theory Analysis”

Bree Guerra (University of Texas at Austin)


“Rudolph Reti and Alfred North Whitehead: Parallels in Process”

Eric Elder (Brandeis University)


11:15               Break


11:30               Philosophical Approaches to the Symphony


“Not Only the Finale: Aesthetics of the Sublime in Mozart’s Symphony No. 41”

Andrew Vagts (University of North Texas)


“From Chaos to Cosmos: A Deleuzian Reading of Turangalîla”

Richard Lee (Florida State University)


12:30               Lunch


2:00                 Keynote Address: “Wagner’s Oceanic Feelings”

           Professor Sanna Pederson (University of Oklahoma)


3:00                 Break 


3:15                 Analyzing Popular and Film Music


“Scoring Empowerment and Moral Conflict in The Dark Knight Trilogy”

Steven Rahn (University of Texas at Austin)


“Deforming the Backbeat: Dissonant States and Musical Expression in Meshuggah’s obZen and Koloss

Chris Lennard (University of Texas at Austin)


4:15                 America at Midcentury


“Pathologizing the Iron Curtain: Jung, Copland, and Cold War Musical Aesthetics”

Mark McCorkle (University of Western Ontario)


“An Apology for the Ephemeral Works: On the Intersection of Poetry, Music, and Ontology”

Stefan Greenfield-Casas (University of Texas at Austin)


5:15                 Break


5:30                 Closing Remarks / Paper Award